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The list below is only a fraction of the puppet artists in the United States and abroad. These links provide information and samples of work from many of the artists whose work can be found in collection of the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry.

Aicher, Hermann (1902-1977)
Ballard, Frank (1929-2010)
Baird, Bil (1904-1987)
Benton, Pauline (1898-1974)
Brown, Forman (1901-1995)
Burnett, Harry (1901-1993)
Chrysler, Sydney (1915-1999)
Fabbrini, Federico (unknown)
Flowers, Wayland (1939-1988)
Magon, Jero (1900)
McPharlin, Marjorie Batchelder (1903- 1997)
McPharlin, Paul (1903-1948)
Obraztsov, Sergei (1901-1992)
Regan, David
Ritz, Joyce Fritz
Roccoberton, Bart
Rose, Rufus and Margo (1904-1975, 1903-1997)
Sarg, Tony (1880-1942)
Williams, Brad ( 1951- 1993)