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Puppeteers of America: The national organization of American puppeteers.

UNIMA-USA: The American chapter of the Union International de la Marionette.

The O’Neill National Puppetry Conference: The annual summer get-together of puppet artists in Waterford, Connecticut.

ICA: the Puppet Show: A great exhibition about the influence of puppets on contemporary art, featuring puppets and objects from the Ballard Institute collection.

Connecticut Repertory Theatre: The production arm of the University of Connecticut’s Department of Dramatic Arts.

University of Connecticut’s Puppetry Art Program: The world-renowned puppetry school, and the Ballard Institute’s sister program.

The Connecticut Guild of Puppetry: Our nearby puppet friends, neighbors, and supporters.

The Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts: A wonderful center for puppet performance, exhibitions, and archives.

Great Small Works: The Brooklyn-based theater company of which Ballard Institute director John Bell is a member.

Bread and Puppet Theater: The Vermont-based, internationally renowned puppet theater active since 1963.

Puppet Happenings: The Jim Henson Foundation’s calendar of puppet events in New York City and beyond.

Jim Henson’s Red Book: A fascinating collection of Jim Henson’s diary entries.

UCONN Puppet Blog

Articles About the Ballard Institute

AAA Horizons Magazine: More to puppets than you think

Hartford Courant: The Power of Punch

UConn Today: Puppetry Spotlight Shines on UConn

Video Clips

John Bell’s Puppet Theory talk at UConn Library’s Research Highlights @ Noon series, October 22, 2010.

“Five Viewpoints on Puppetry” at the Open Eye Figure Theater, Minneapolis.  Discussion with Ballard Institute Director John Bell,

Michael Sommers, Janie Geiser, Sandy Spieler, and Michael Montenegro moderated by Susan Haas, March 22, 2011