Harry Burnett

Harry Burnett (1901 – 1993)

The story of the Yale Puppeteers is told in Forman Brown’s book Punch’s Progess (1936). This partnership began in 1923 at the University of Michigan, continuing at Yale University. Their early work, which they toured by truch, included a production of Bluebeard designed by Norman Bel Geddes. In 1932 the company performed for a brief season in their own puppet theatre in Manhattan’s east forties. In 1933 they did a puppet sequence in the film I Am Suzanne. In 1936-1938 they performed in repertory at the Barbizon-Plaza Hotel and the Cosmopolitan Club in New York. On July 10, 1941, they opened their permanent Turnabout Theatre in Los Angeles, where their marionettes performed satirical adult musicals until 1960. Forman Brown was the writer for the company and Harry Burnett the designer. [From Toward an Art of the Puppet: New York’s Heritage, exhibit brochure, 1975ish, pg. 52]


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