Mask-Making Workshops

Mask-Making Techniques with Abby Bosley

Learn to make two different types of masks: one using folded paper or cardboard and one that is made up of just a single cereal box and glue! Recommended for ages 5+.

Materials needed: cereal box (or any box); hot glue, but any glue will work; scissors; scrap paper; tape; hole punch; string or elastic; scissors; anything else to decorate (paint, markers, etc); optional materials: X-Acto blade or box cutter

Originally streamed on Facebook on 4/22/20.

Picasso-Inspired Abstract Masks with Elise Vanase

Embrace the world of abstract in puppetry! Inspired by the iconic painted faces of Picasso, we will create funky handheld masks out of geometrical shapes. Anything goes in creating these—you can’t mess it up! Recommended for ages 7+.

Materials needed: cereal box/thin cardboard; paint; paint brushes; hot glue (best) or glue sticks; scissors

Originally streamed on Facebook on 5/15/20.