Toy Theater Workshops

Fun Toy Theater Workshop with John Bell

Make and perform a miniature 2-D puppet spectacle about anything your heart desires, using household materials and re-purposed images. See Great Small Works’ “Short, Entertaining History of Toy Theater” here: Recommended for ages  7+.

Materials needed: a cardboard box (any size will do; small is good); cardboard (cereal box cardboard is best); colored paper; images from magazines, newspapers, or the internet; tape; gluestick or white glue; coathanger wire, barbecue skewers, pencils, or other like objects; scissors; if you want to get fancy: hot glue gun, pliers, string or fishline

Originally streamed on Facebook on 3/27/20.

Toy Theater Aquarium Workshop with Elise Vanase

Don’t want the responsibility of owning fish? That’s okay! Make your dream aquarium and its inhabitants out of a cereal box. Recommended age 7+.

Materials needed: cereal box, scissors, skewer/stick, hot glue or tape, paint

Originally streamed to Facebook on 7/10/2020.