Puppeteers of America: The national organization of American puppeteers.

UNIMA-USA: The American chapter of the Union International de la Marionette.

The O’Neill National Puppetry Conference: The annual summer get-together of puppet artists in Waterford, Connecticut.

ICA: the Puppet Show: A great exhibition about the influence of puppets on contemporary art, featuring puppets and objects from the Ballard Institute collection.

Connecticut Repertory Theatre: The production arm of the University of Connecticut’s Department of Dramatic Arts.

University of Connecticut’s Puppetry Art Program: The world-renowned puppetry school, and the Ballard Institute’s sister program.

The Connecticut Guild of Puppetry: Our nearby puppet friends, neighbors, and supporters.

The Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts: A wonderful center for puppet performance, exhibitions, and archives.

Great Small Works: The Brooklyn-based theater company of which Ballard Institute director John Bell is a member.

Bread and Puppet Theater: The Vermont-based, internationally renowned puppet theater active since 1963.

Puppet Happenings: The Jim Henson Foundation’s calendar of puppet events in New York City and beyond.

Jim Henson’s Red Book: A fascinating collection of Jim Henson’s diary entries.

UCONN Puppet Blog

Articles About the Ballard Institute

AAA Horizons Magazine: More to puppets than you think

Hartford Courant: The Power of Punch

UConn Today: Puppetry Spotlight Shines on UConn

Video Clips

Michael Sommers, Janie Geiser, Sandy Spieler, and Michael Montenegro moderated by Susan Haas, March 22, 2011