Material and Performance Technique Workshops

Anything Can Be a Puppet! Object Performance Exploration with Felicia Cooper

Use household objects to explore movement, expression, and storytelling! We’ll discover movement patterns and gesture, working towards character development. Recommended for ages: 6+. Materials needed: anything around you (check in with a grown up if it doesn’t belong to you)

Originally streamed on Facebook on 4/10/20.

Stop Motion Workshop with Tracy Becker

Learn how to make your very own stop-motion movie at home! Recommended for ages 5+. Materials needed: phone or tablet; objects for stop motion (This can be anything! Toys, clay, paper, or any type of puppet will all work); optional additional materials: cardboard, a tripod, lamps or flashlights, or any other decorations you might want to use; recommended apps: Stop Motion Studio Free Version: or StikBot Studio 2.0:

Originally streamed on Facebook on 4/24/20.

Puppets for the Screen Performance Workshop

We’ve spent so much time this summer building puppets! Let’s let them do what they do best—perform! On Wednesday, August 19, join UConn Puppet Arts students Felicia Cooper and Elise Vanase to learn tips and tricks for performing puppets on screen in this age of virtual meetings and performances. Recommended for ages 5+. Materials needed: Peepers! If you don’t have a pair, that’s okay! Puppeteer Hobey Ford will show you how to quickly make a set here: This workshop is made possible with support from the Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Arts. Originally streamed to Facebook on 8/19/2020.

Painting Puppets Workshop with Elise Vanasse

Painting is an important part of the puppet-making process! Join UConn Puppet Arts senior Elise Vanase on Friday, August 21 to learn how to effectively paint a puppet for theater, as well as how to create cool textures with what you have around the house. Recommended for ages 5+. Materials needed: paint, paint brushes, newspaper, plastic wrap, something to paint (papier-mâché or newspaper and masking tape heads are great), optional: netting, old toothbrush, sponge.

Originally streamed to Facebook August 21, 2020.