The Art of the Frouds at Nafe Katter Theater

     Join us this Wednesday, November 30, at 3 p.m. at UConn’s Nafe Katter Theater for The Art of the Frouds.
This presentation by Brian, Wendy, and Toby Froud will explore their work illuminating the realm of Faeries and other mystical beings, in their own publications and in collaboration with Jim Henson in The Dark CrystalLabyrinth, and Jim Henson’s Storyteller series.  It precedes the December 2nd opening of their exhibition The Art of the Frouds at the Animazing Gallery in New York City.
     Brian Froud is the renowned author and illustrator of more than 30 publications which explore and illuminate the realm of the Faeries and other mystical beings.  Collaborating with Jim Henson, Brian Froud created the worlds and characters of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, and contributed to Henson’s Storyteller series.
     Wendy Midener Froud is a life-long doll maker, sculptor and puppet fabricator.  Jim Henson, recognizing her exceptional abilities,  hired her to create the characters of “Jen” and “Kira” for The Dark Crystal.  She also fabricated “Yoda” for Star Wars and the Goblins for Labyrinth.  Her polymer sculpted faerie figures have been exhibited throughout the world, leading to many publications revealing the stories of her characters, as well as the methods of their creation.
     Toby Froud, first seen as the infant “Toby” in Labyrinth, has been surrounded and nurtured in the creative lives of his parents.  He has apprenticed in the Muppet Workshop, worked with WETA in New Zealand as a sculptor/fabricator on The Chronicles of Narnia and King Kong and created for numerous theatre and television productions.  Most recently, Toby has contributed to Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour and Laika Entertainment’s pending ParaNorman.
The event is sponsored by UConn Puppet Arts Program, Digital Media Center, Department of Dramatic Arts, and the Ballard Institute.

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