“Tito’s Dream” at the Ballard Institute Performance Space, April 4-5

We invite you to see Tito’s Dream, a work-in-progress production at the new Ballard Institute devised by UConn Guest Professor Carlos Garcia, Paulo Serantes, and several graduate and undergraduate students from the UConn School of Fine Arts, including Puppet Arts graduate student Anna Fitzgerald, who will be performing puppetry elements of the production.  Tito’s Dream will be performed this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in our new theater space.  For tickets:

FRI  4 APR at 7PM (reservations: (860)486-8580)
SAT 5 APR at 8PM (reservations: (860)486-2113)
SAT 5 APR at 10PM (reservations: (860)486-2113)

Carlos Garcia writes: “Tito’s Dream is a collection of short poems that describe the poetic journey of a boy (Tito) searching for his mother who left forever.  Tito, naively believing that his mother moved to the moon, confronts many elements as he tries to reach her.  He will also feel the pain of saying goodbye to his childhood friend, Paulina.  This journey is an allegory of the passage from childhood to adulthood.

Cast: Darek Burkowski, Posy Knight, James Jelkin and Sarah Jensen

Puppetry: Anna Fitgerald

Music: Nick Trautman, Michael Albaine

Drawings: Kayla Blanchard

Costumes: Pat Ubaldi

Production: UCONN, Scott Ripley and Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry

Directed by Carlos García Estévez

Assistant Director: Paulo Serantes

at Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppertry, Storrs (CT)

Punto en el cielo

Go beyond the space,
get here.
Go beyond the time,
get now.
The here and now
is a beautiful star,
punto en el cielo
con ojos azules como la vida!

Little point,
there is no time, no space
but only here and now…
-pure state of an emotion-
Then sleep! Beyond it…
in that point
where you dream!

Tito’s Dream, 2nd Poem

Carlos García Estévez