Online Event! “Up the Winding Path: My Artistic Journey with Albrecht Roser, An Interview with Sarah Frechette” on 5/11 at 8 p.m.

The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry will host Up the Winding Path: My Artistic Journey with Albrecht Roser, An Interview with Sarah Frechette, on Monday, May 11 at 8 p.m. EST. This conversation and video screening will take place on Facebook Live ( and will be available afterwards on the Ballard Institute Facebook page and YouTube Channel ( 

Alien slugs, dancing grandpas, and mystical beings populate ​UConn Puppet Arts alumna Sarah Frechette’s universe​, telling personal and multifarious stories through the art of string puppetry. Sarah developed her independent artistic language in numerous international summer academies, master classes, and invited studies with Master Puppeteer Albrecht Roser. As part of the interview Sarah will discuss her time in Roser’s studio in the village of Buoch, Germany; and share a section of her marionette vignettes filmed by cinematographer Oliver Lukacs. Joining the interview will be Professor Bart P. Roccoberton Jr., the Director of UConn’s Puppet Arts Program and the connective link that led Sarah to Albrecht Roser, changing her puppetry trajectory.

Sarah Frechette splits her time between Vermont, Europe, and Portland, Oregon as a touring puppeteer, arts educator, and stop-motion animation costumer. She is co-founder of the artist collective Night Shade Shadow Theater, producing the rod puppet film project The Spooky Girls, and has designed a new paper arts piece called Dirty Gerts for her family-focused company Puppetkabob. Sarah mentored with Master Puppeteer Albrecht Roser, absorbing his theories on zen and the art of puppetry from 2002-2009. Sarah has performed with her Roser-style marionettes as part of Meisterklasse; “Von damals bis heute” a shared presentation with artist Robin Walsh and Ingrid Höfer; and in 2017 was honored to perform with Roser’s “Bad Boy” Marionette in Die Kunst Albrecht Roser, a final celebration in his Buoch, Germany studio.

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